Anti Virus Email Scams.

These are emails that try to appear as if they have come from an Internet Security company like McAfee, Norton and many others.

In the example below which I received this week, it claims it is from McAfee. This has nothing to do with McAfee.

phishing email

McAfee fake email

I can tell this is fake immediatley but I see these type of emails regularly.  If you click the above image it will be easier to see.  It is only an image so will cause no security risk.

How can you identify it as fake?

  • Firstly at the top where it says who it is from, it says  That has nothing to do with McAfee.  If it said McAfee Support or some other name it may still not be genuine (the “from” address can say anything.  Its called Email Spoofing) if you hover over the address it should show what address is behind the name.
  • It says “Secure Status” which is not correct and is says “Suspended”. Further down it says “Ended on Today”
  • It also says 89% discount (seems too good to be true) and the offer ends today. That is to encourage you to renew it NOW, so you are secure and do not loose out on the offer.  They are trying to scare you into making a rash decision.

It is quite a poor example of a scam email, there is no logo or branding.  They are not necessary after your money.  Most likely they want you to try to renew and they then get your email address and password which they can then try on other sites.

If you are not sure just delete it. They are phishing for information.

If you are worried give me a call I am more than happy to advise.

Stay Safe.