Remote support is a means of providing help to customers without having to visit their home.  It is very convenient method of providing assistance for both the customer and us. 

Remote support does get a bad press, many scammers gain access to your computer by pushing you to install remote access software.  They may then have access to personal details such as email addresses, passwords, bank details, etc.  For this reason, we do not perform any remote support work unless you the customer have met with us face to face at least once before. That way you know us. If you are comfortable with remote access it can be a very useful tool.

Remote support software such as TeamViewer which I use is not a danger in itself and is a very good way of helping customers on a adhoc basis.  The danger is when scammers misuse it.

Never install any software on your machine unless you know exactly why you are doing it, you know who is asking you to do it and why.  No Bank will ever ask for remote access to your phone or computer.  Anyone who says they are from  Microsoft or your broadband provider is trying to mislead you. Just put the phone down.  Any warning that appears saying ” CALL THIS NUMBER” is fake.

You should never give anyone access to your machine unless you know exactly who they are and certainly not from a random phone call, text, WhatsApp message or email.

If you are not happy with me providing remote support please say, I totally understand and I will not be offended.