Christmas VHS conversion

Analogue to Digital Video Conversation

  • Wedding Video?
  • Summer Holidays?
  • New born child and first steps?
  • Christmas past?

Going back a few years most of us had a video camera. VHS, Video 8, Hi-8 Mini DV. There were many formats.  Now with modern technology it is very difficult to view it on our digital devices.  Even Dvds’ are now old technology.  Most of us use a tablet or iPad.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to view your old footage on your iPad, phone, tablet or TV?

We can copy from many formats and convert it.  It can then be stored on a memory stick and then plugged into your TV, tablet, phone or PC.  If you have cloud storage like Onedrive, iCloud, Google drive, DropBox and others you can often view them direct on your digital device.  If its on the cloud its very easy to share it with friends and family too.

Obviously years ago we had small TV’s and low quality VHS we now have big screen TV’s but the picture quality of converted video is not bad (see a clip below, I think this was from a Hi-8 tape). Its not 4K but to be honest a super sharp image taken 35 plus years ago on VHS in my option would not look right anyway.  Take a look at old Laurel and Hardy films, its not the same in sharp digitally enhanced video.


So What can We Do For You?

If you can provide us with VHS (not Betamax yet), Video 8, Hi-8 or Mini DV we can covert it to a digital format (MPEG). We can add a title at the start if required and then supply it back to you on a memory stick.  If you prefer we can copy it to your cloud storage or copy it to our cloud storage for you to download.

Cost is just £25 per tape plus the cost of the memory stick if required.*

If you would like further information please give us a call and have a chat or drop us an email at


* cost may vary depending on requirements. Quality will vary depending the condition  of the original. A short sample for viewing will be provided prior to completion via the cloud.  We cannot copy damaged or mouldy tapes.  All tapes must be delivered and collect from us.