I was having the usual look through Facebook earlier this week when I came across a page that looked like a genuine BBC News report.  It was talking about Robert Peston a well known BBC reporter.  He had been on a ITN program so the report claimed and was making various claims of how to make money.  Nothing new there articles like this often appear on social media.  99% fake.

What struck me at the time was the page displayed was almost exactly like a BBC News web page. The menus, the colours, the font. Everything, so it looked like a BBC page. Only things was, none of the links to other articles worked. If you clicked, they did nothing.  “Strange” I thought.  After scrolling down the article there was one link that was active.  This took you to another page with no relation to the BBC at all.  It was a fake money trading site.  See the image below.  It gave the false impression that Robert Peston had made lots of money via this site and that the BBC and ITN had reported it as being the place to invest your money.

This got me thinking!!

How do you report a fake web site?

If you find a site you think is fake the take a few moments if you can to report it to the National Cyber Security Site, click the image below.  It only takes a few minutes and may stop someone being fooled and scammed by these sites.