The Fake DVLA Scam

Not sure how long this email has been around but its the first time I have seen it.  The email is below.  It basically says than my car has no road tax and its the last warning I will receive from the DVLA.  I should then follow the green link and pay it.  Now viewing this on my PC it looks dodgy but if you viewed it on your phone its less obvious..


Things to look for:

The “from” address says GOV.UK.  But after that it says  TKMsoftware ???? nothing to do with the DVLA.

Also it is not addressed to anyone. No reference to the vehicle.

I have followed the “START NOW” link (I would not advise you do this).  Firstly, I got a warning from Windows Defender to avoid this site.  I continued and I then had a warning from Kaspersky, my internet security.  I continued and was presented with screen that was a copy of the DVLA site, see below.  It asks for all my details, Name, DOB, Address and then my bank card details.  The only thing it does not ask for is any details of my car.  Not the registration, the V45 logbook details or anything to link the payment to my car

Once again if you look at the web page it has taken me to, it should be  It not, its

My best advice is DO NOT FOLLOW LINKS IN EMAILS.  Even if you think it maybe genuine go to GOV.UK. Open a browser (edge, Chrome, Firefox) and open the genuine page from there.

Rather than look at what is presented to you, look for what is missing it can often be a dead give away.